Unique wedding day catering in Derby


There’s one way to really spice up your wedding and that’s by doing something totally different with the food. These days our taste buds are constantly discovering flavours from all over the world, so why not use it to do something unique for your wedding.

Whether you’re a fan of Asian, European, Indian or American food, it’s so easy to set up a stall which offers guests the chance to try it all. When you take a look around London, for example, there are street stalls selling food from just about every country on the planet, so what a great place to start for some inspiration.

If you’re looking for unique wedding catering in Derby, having a food bar or street stall is a fantastic option. Here are just a few versions you could try. 

Street market wedding catering

Unusual but incredible ideas 

  • Thai street food – some of the most fragrant and beautiful dishes come from Thai cooking, so delight your guests with flavours of the Orient.
  • Fast food bar – want fries with that? Or how about a healthy kebab after a night of revelry?
  • Pizza and pasta bar – if you have some Italian heritage or just love the food, how about home made pizza and delicious pasta.
  • Fondue – such a favourite up in the Swiss Alps. Never has bread and cheese been so delicious.
  • All things Indian – imagine the heady flavours of Bengali street food or a range of tasty curries.
  • Mexican/ Spanish street food – options can include churros, tacos and a huge variety of tapas.
  • Chilli bar – deliciously warming mince, teamed up with pitta or rice – lovely if it’s likely to be a cold day.
  • Pie and mash stall – again, a great winter choice, but perfect at any time of year because of the varieties available.
  • Burger bar – a barbecue with a difference, because when it comes to choice of food, options are endless.
  • Smokehouse Southern style – the delicious pulled pork, slaw and barbecue sauce is massively popular as city street food these days.

Unique wedding day catering in Derby

We can do whatever you want! 

If you like the thought of doing something unique with your Derby wedding food, one thing we love is a challenge, so that’s why we mean it when we say we can do whatever you want. 

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