Top wedding food ideas for a hot day!

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What a week it’s been with the awesome sunshine we’ve had here in the Midlands! I’m finally feeling as though summer has well and truly arrived! Everyone is ditching the cardis, dusting off their barbecues and it’s not many nights that go by without the delicious smell of sausages and burgers wafting over the garden fence.

It’s easy to see why the summer is such a popular time to hold a wedding, because, with the warmer temperatures and the sunshine in abundance (hopefully) it’s more likely to give your happy occasion that added boost. I’ve been lucky enough to attend some sizzling weddings already this summer and they’ve given me some excellent ideas for my Derby wedding catering.

Here are some of my top wedding food ideas for a hot day!

A few ideas…

  • Keep your food delicious and light, go easy on the portion sizes, and perhaps include a variety of dishes for people to try, rather than a lot of just one thing. When people end up feeling stuffed on a hot day, it’s not pleasant at all. Instead, spread the food out throughout the day and avoid having one large meal. Give your guests the chance to snack and dip into food when the mood takes them.
  • Avoid too much carbs and dairy – instead, look to make the most of foods which are refreshing and light such as fruit, crudité and dips, along with mini bites such as meat lollipops and mini kebabs.
  • Ploughman’s style food is a nice summer idea, especially if you’re holding your wedding reception out in the countryside. Serve up beautifully presented meat, fish and cheese platters, tasty salads and a variety of home-made bread. Added extras can include a choice of chutneys, large pickled onions and fresh salsa.
  • On a hot day, try and steer clear of puddings that will leave guests feeling sickly if they’re too stodgy or sweet. Keep puddings cool, fresh and light, so maybe look to have an ice cream van or fresh fruit stand instead.

A few other tips we’ve learnt in our time

Whatever the weather forecast brings for your big day, it’s always best to be prepared. So, in the days before, you should have a much better idea of whether extreme conditions such as an arctic freeze, monsoon or heatwave are on the way. In the case of a super-hot day, there are a few things you can draft in quickly to take added care of you and your guests.

  • Ice and water – always check there is a good water supply for your event, but, if it’s hot, make sure ice is in ready supply too.
  • Check there’s shade – come rain or shine, your guests should always have somewhere to retreat to, especially during the waiting around times, such as when the pictures are taken. If it’s going to be a hot day, maybe consider hiring some kind of gazebo so that the very young and very old aren’t in the hot sun for too long.
  • Likewise, ensure you have somewhere cool to store things that might get ruined in the heat, such as your cake.

Did you know I’m a published author?

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