Derby Wedding Proposals We’ve Heard About!

Derby Wedding Proposals We’ve Heard About!

You’re pretty much guaranteed that everyone who is engaged or married has a story to tell when it comes to the day the question was popped. Whether you’re the one who said ‘will you marry me’, or the one saying ‘yes’, it’s a day that you’re bound to remember for pretty much ever!

The great thing about marriage proposals is there’s no hard and fast set of rules to them. It can be as corny or cool, public or private as you like. It could come as a huge surprise or be glaringly obvious. Either way, it’s got to be awesome!

If you are considering making a marriage proposal, then check out some of the Derby wedding proposals we’ve heard about from some of our clients, which could come in handy if you’re on the search for some weird and wonderful inspiration.

How the people of Derby popped the question

  • The big – the question comes up in lights at the end of a theatre performance and the whole audience applaud.
  • The bold the proposal written in huge letters across the sky for everyone to see from Pride Park to Derby University.
  • The quirky – a diver at a local aquarium was given a waterproof sign to hold up which said ‘will you marry me’, as the fiancée to be walked past.
  • The big cheese – local radio DJ announces it as the couple enjoy a slap up breakfast together.
  • The outdoors – stumbling across a champagne picnic on one of Derby’s gorgeous parks and as the cork is popped so is the big question!
  • The super cool – guests at a party were given a helium balloon each bearing one of the letters of the alphabet – and when they stood together in pre- arranged order it spelled out the proposal!
  • The romantic – a trail of candles and rose petals leading all the way through the house, eventually finding their way to the ring, beautifully displayed in all its glory.
  • The geeky cool – one guy had a jigsaw made for a rainy day that was a picture of the words ‘will you marry me’. As the message became apparent, he popped the question.
  • The sweet tooth – a local baker was asked to create a cake with the proposal written on it in icing. The cake was then placed in the window to catch the unsuspecting fiancée’s eye.
  • The surprise – the ring was hidden in a Christmas cracker (now that’s not your random shoe horn, mirror or set of dice!)

Share Your Proposal With Us!

We’d love to hear more of your marvellous Derby wedding proposals and the stranger, more exciting, or unique, the better! Have you popped a question in a way that is like no other? Get in touch with us via email or Facebook and please do tell us more!

Now You’re Engaged Think About Your Derby Caterers!

If you’ve just got engaged, then massive congratulations! We hope the proposal was made in a way to rival some of the great ideas above. And if you are beginning the wedding planning already and are thinking about your Derby caterers, then give us a shout to come and throw some ideas about!