15 Quirky Wedding Ideas Part 3

If you’ve begun planning your wedding for next year and are looking for wedding catering in Derby that comes with a quirky twist then check out the final part of our 15 Quirky Wedding Ideas.

Over the last couple of months we’ve been putting together some great ideas to feature at your wedding that will not only surprise and delight your guests, but should get them talking about it for plenty of time to come.

So, here it is, 15 Quirky Wedding Ideas Part 3, the latest and last instalment. Get your wedding planner hat on and get ready to get your creative juices flowing!

cookies and strawberries

Our final 6 ideas!

  1. Mojito bar with range of flavours – anyone who loves their cocktails will very likely love a mojito. It’s such a refreshing and classic cocktail and is available in a variety of flavours to suit every taste. When you feature a luxurious mojito bar at your wedding, it is bound to get your guests in the mood for fun and well and truly enjoying themselves.

  3. Desserts with sparklers served at a fireworks display – if you’ve decided to have your wedding go with a bang and are putting on a marvellous fireworks display, how about extending the theme to your desserts by including bright sparklers for all the guests? A great way to get them well and truly involved in all the fun.

  5. Canapés served on astro turf – not only are canapés delicious on their own as a tasty and delicious looking snack, but they are a perfect way to fill the gap if there is going to be some time between the wedding and the reception. So get the champagne corks popping and serve up some tasty canapés to stave off the hunger pangs while they wait.

  7. Surprise popping candy in desserts – I don’t know about you, but this was so much fun to have when we were kids. It’s still a fabulous bit of fun when you’re a grown up and makes a great surprise to include in your puddings, setting your guests’ mouths popping just when they’re not expecting it.

  9. Classy kebab served later on after the main meal – OK, so traditionally kebabs have had a bit of bad press when it comes to craving their delicious aroma at the end of a crazy night’s drinking. But, when you look at the delicious ingredients in a classy kebab and you know that it’s going to be made well, it can actually make the perfect way to mop up a bit of alcohol towards the end of your reception. The classy kebab is made up of the following – toasted pitta, pulled pork, cabbage slaw, triple cooked chips, chilli sauce, cheese, garlic mayo – and it tastes totally delicious!

  11. Edible soil with mint leaves – How deliciously naughty – the chance to eat something you normally shouldn’t but it actually tastes gorgeous and is perfectly fine to try. With the added garnish of mint leaves, this edible soil smells and tastes divine!

quirky drinks

Make your wedding stand out!

These are some great ways to make your wedding stand out, so if you’re looking to add something really special to your big day, why not give one or two of them a go? Whether it’s eye-catching, unusual, a delight to the tastebuds, or just a fabulous quirky twist, whatever you surprise your guests with at your wedding, it has to keep them guessing and get them telling people about it for months afterwards.

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