15 quirky wedding ideas: Part 1

The sort of weddings that get people talking for months after have to be the ones that offer something unique and very special to the big day. There are some great surprises out there to spring on your guests as well as loads of opportunities for them (and you) to experience something new.

From unusual favours to exciting venues and a huge variety of food and drink options, it’s all about breaking away from some of the stuffy traditions and making your wedding day one that is about you as the bride and groom. That’s definitely one way to make sure it’s unique!

In my years of catering for a variety of events, I’ve come across a huge range of weird, wonderful and wacky touches that have made the occasion truly shine.

So I’ve decided to put together a series of some of my favourite ideas for food and drink, to give you some thoughts for your big day.

a tray of quirky drinks

Check out Part 1 of my 15 quirky wedding ideas – and this time it’s all about the liquid loveliness…

  • Mimosa Bar – a wedding wouldn’t feel like a wedding without champagne, but did you know there are loads of different ways to serve it and this is a really popular one right now. Imagine chilled champagne to try with a variety of fresh fruit juices, ranging from mango, orange and peach to strawberry, raspberry and pomegranate. Teamed with a buffet of fresh fruit, it’s a great feature to have at a wedding as not only is it lovely and refreshing for your guests (especially if you’re having a spring/summer wedding) but it’s also perfect to have at any time of the day.

  • DIY water cooler – imagine The Office/ Cocktail – a naughty take on the water cooler in the corner of your office, because this time it’s filled with your favourite wines or spirits and guests can stand around it chatting and helping themselves!

  • Become a barman – well, maybe not you as the bride and groom, but perhaps the guests might like the chance to pull their own pints from the beer taps and impromptu pub that’s set up at your wedding. Try including a variety of favourite ales or wines and have fun in the lead up to the wedding picking which ones they’re going to be and choosing a name for your new pub!

  • For the morning after, once your guests have had all the fun trying your different takes on wedding drinks, how about a handy little hangover kit, to keep them smiling the next day? These perfectly packaged little boxes make excellent wedding favours and can include anything from bottles of water, eye masks and Alka Seltzer, to hair of the dog and energy bars!


How we can help on your big day

If you’ve got some crazy or unique ideas for the food and drink at your wedding and would like to see how they could work, here’s how we can help on your big day. It’s got to be perfect, so we like to ensure that, however you want it, the food and drink comes beautifully presented and served with a smile. There’s no limitations on the options available and the combinations we provide. If you want it for your wedding, we will deliver it.

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