Our Favourite Wedding Proposals

The Beauty of Proposals

Proposals are a beautiful thing, its the beginning of a long but magical journey with the person you love. Most of us remember the day it happened and remember the feeling within, maybe you didn’t know what to say or you shed a tear of joy or two. No matter how you reacted we know it was magical.

We all love to be happy and enjoy other people being happy, that is why when people share these special moments with us we absolutely adore them.

Because of this the team here at the Derby kitchen have created this list of our favourite wedding proposals, we hope you enjoy them as much as we did. Who knows maybe you’ll be inspired for your special proposal!

So here are our top 20 Wedding Proposals:

Hopefully you enjoyed watching them as much as we did, maybe you had a favourite? If so comment below and let us know, they’re all amazing so you can’t be wrong!

Are you looking to surprise your partner? Maybe the videos have inspired you. Contact us today to discuss your proposal ideas or to organise a custom menu for the occasion or even for the wedding, if you know they will say yes!