Choosing the perfect date for your Derby Wedding!

Aww lovely isn’t it – the post Valentine’s Day romance lives on, teamed up with the vibrant onset of Spring and the warmer weather. I’ve seen so many loved up couples about that it’s making me think that something is most definitely in the air in and around Derby!

If you’re one of those lovely people who just got engaged, then you might be in the process of trying to put together a schedule for the big day. But, while you might have every detail of how you want to do it all carefully planned, have you thought about the actual date and how you’ll make the decision of when it will be?

Setting a wedding date in Derby is an exciting time. After all, there are so many places to choose from to hold your wedding and tons of different ways in which you can do it. But, whether you’re thinking of one of the delightful villages around the Peak District, or somewhere more city based then there are a few things that you’ll want to bear in mind.

Deciding on a date

It’s not much fun deciding on a time of year only to discover that you have to change it a bit further down the line. It’s one of the biggest decisions you can make and will provide the basis on which you can begin your planning. So, give some thoughts to these few things when setting that all important wedding date:

  • Where it will be – is this possible at the time of year you want?
  • What the weather will be like – especially if you’re planning to be outdoors?
  • Are there any dates that are particularly special or significant to you?
  • Are your VIP guests committed to being elsewhere on that day?
  • How much will it cost to get married at that time of year and does it suit your budget?
  • Getting married abroad? Again, check the weather conditions.
  • Does it fit in with work commitments (especially if you are planning the honeymoon straight after)
  • As well as VIP guests, is the venue and the people who you want to work at the wedding available? Think, caterers, florists, photographers, videographers etc.
  • Does the time of year fit the style and theme of the wedding that you want?
  • How much time do you have? The more time to plan your wedding, the better, but is there a reason for urgency, such as a sick relative who you desperately want to be there?

Don’t forget you’ll need a wedding caterer, get in touch!

The lead up to a wedding (and of course the big day itself) is such a massively exciting time, but, in amongst all the fun and madness, don’t forget that you’ll need a good plan in place to ensure you get everything you want all booked in and ready for the day.

The secret is to get in talks with the main players nice and early so you can toss around a few ideas and have some fun with no rushing needed. To find out more about the Derby wedding catering that we can offer, get in touch today.