Afternoon Tea wedding catering in derbyshire

It feels like an eternity ago, that I got a phone call from a Sister of of the bride in distress for their wedding catering..

Ali was on the hunt for awesome! She found it! After a brief discussion with her sister Heather, Ali was charged with finding a caterer who basically would say YES YES and YES.. the conversation went something like this:

Ali: HI do you do after noon teas?

Me: Yes we do

Ali: Do you do fish and chips?

Me: Yes we certainly do,

Ali: Perfect can you cater for my sisters wedding?

Me: Yes :-)

It turns out that Heather and her fiancee Nick had found it very hard to find a caterer in their local area Sheffield that would do what they wanted to eat! MADNESS they didn’t want to eat a menu that had been pushed in front of them, they wanted A menu U.. and thats what we do!

Heather, Nick and I sat down one cold february morning and drew up a plan for their afternoon tea menu it looked like this!

Canapés after the Ceremony:

Red onion & courgette pakore mango chutney and mint yoghurt,

Thai green curry king prawns,

Mini Yorkshire pudding horseradish and braised beef.

Afternoon tea:

Served on cake stands. And vintage crockery

Cut Sandwiches,

Cream cheese & cucumber

Jubilee chicken

Cheese & tomato chutney

Smoked salmon and herb mascarpone

Ham and mustard mayonnaise


Chorizo & apple sausage rolls

Goats cheese red onion & cherry tomato tarte fine

Quails eggs & black pudding scotch eggs

Scones clotted cream and Jam,

Lemon drizzle cake,

Thomas the caterers famous Chocolate brownies

Raspberry Meringue kisses


Tea and coffee.

On the day we travelled up the hills to Hargate hall and we were enchanted by what Heather and her crew had done to the marquee hidden at the back of the hall. hanging lanterns full of colour it was just perfect and ready for a big party!

There was an abundance of laughter and a great time had by all, loads of fun games and a cracking speech by the maid of honour ( I love to see this break from tradition especially when said person is such a good public speaker)

The wedding was wrapped up with a great boogie up in the hall with everyone throwing shapes and the we served up fish and chips served in NYC style containers which went down a storm with a few cheeky guests hanging around for seconds!

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