15 Quirky Wedding Ideas Part 2

There’s no way weddings should come as standard and my favourite kind of nuptials have to be the ones that really stand out from the crowd. The kind of weddings which have the odd surprise here or there, or offer a unique twist to compliment the personalities of the bride and groom.

When it comes to quirky wedding ideas, there are absolutely tons of things you can do to make your wedding day one which people will remember for years to come. And when we’re talking food and drink, the world is most definitely your oyster!

In 15 Quirky Wedding Ideas Part 2 we continue our unusual wedding features theme, here are a few more to get your creative juices flowing and help you think up some fabulous foodie ideas to suit you down to the ground.


Some out there ideas

  1. Ice cream sundae bar – This offers a mouthwatering take on the 50s US diner theme. With an endless array of ice cream flavours and toppings, not to mention stripy straws, lashings of coca cola and whipped cream, this fantastic take on the traditional dessert table idea is one to leave the guests wide-eyed and wanting more!

  3. Kids table – When a good portion of the guest list includes the under tens, chances are you might want to give some thought as to how you’re going to keep them entertained (especially during the long speeches). Imagine bowls of colourful treats and little bags of sweeties adorning their very own table, not to mention an array of things to keep them well occupied, such as colouring books, treasure hunts and other activities throughout the day.

  5. Edible favours – Leave your guests with something sweet to remember you by, without a sugared almond in sight! Imagine personalised chocolate bars or Hershey’s kisses, little bags of treats including a selection of delicious fudge flavours hand picked by the bride and groom, or maybe an assortment of brightly coloured fortune cookies!

  7. Food truck – A good night out or festival experience is often topped off by a visit to a decent food truck to satisfy those late night cravings. So why not delight the senses of your friends and family towards the end of the evening with a visit from your favourite food van. Whether it’s chips and gravy, burgers, kebabs or even candy floss that floats your boat, there are plenty of combinations to include.

  9. Charitable scratch cards – something to get your guests talking at their tables, especially if one of them comes up a winner. It’s a lovely opportunity to give to a worthwhile cause that is close to your heart, while making it fun at the same time. There are also plenty of charities which offer these as favours for weddings, so go ahead and take your pick.


We work with you to make a stand out wedding

When planning your wedding, why not add your own personal touch to it by coming up with an exciting addition to make your big day stand out from all the rest. Take a look at some of the quirky and fun ideas people have done in the past and put your own spin on it, or start by writing down some of your most favourite things and see how you can add them in here and there to make your day really special.

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